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Org 13% | Sector Average: 15%

Data to
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The Innovation Barometer is brought to you by

Senior leaders in our public sector understand innovation is important for delivering better outcomes.

However, they told us that they don’t have a way to measure it...

...and you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

In response we set out to develop a cross-government tool that provides senior leaders with rich data, highlighting their innovative ability. They can then take practical actions to improve and track progress over time.

The Innovation Barometer was born and in 2020 we ran a pilot with the following organisations

You can see the results of the pilot in the interactive barometer below.

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Sector Average

The innovation barometer measures staff perception of your organisation’s capability in innovation related stocks.

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Want your organisation to join the 16+ public sector organsations who are eagar to participate in 2021?

Contact jonnie.haddon@creativehq.co.nz or you can dive further into the details here.